Hi there.  I'm Angie.

This is my food blog.  I have only recently (June, 2013) realized that my food blog is a recipe review blog.  Like others, I prowl the internet for amazing recipes, then give them a try and talk about these creations.  I may make a few changes, but I always link back to the source of where I found my recipes, and give credit where credit is due.

This video is me in a nutshell..."I'm friggin' Michelangelo"... with 5 likes!  Ah, I'm still crying the video makes me laugh so much!

It is highly unlikely that I will create a food sensation on my own.  But, if that rare occasion ever does happen, I will also let you know.

And this is a little bit about me, the author of my food blog.

A sunny Sydneysider living in rainy Portland, Oregon.  Missing the sun, so focusing on the best of Portland, indoor with food!  But I do make it out side occasionally while living here.

Don't make me angry, I know how to use a bow and arrow! (Kind of)

Transplanted x 4.  Australia, US, Australia, US.  Really?? Now hoping for Australia again!

I love living in Portland, Oregon.  I love the food culture here, that I can grow amazing tomatoes and eat berries like there is no tomorrow.  I love the markets and the restaurants.  And I LOVE the hiking!

Hard Core Mothers and the F**kers (ha ha ha, we LOVED that name)

And I am a hard core mother... of these...

In terms of location, however, my heart yearns for Australia.  I was born there, spent 14 years there, and then when I moved "temporarily" to Chicago, always intended on moving back to Australia.  12 years later, I did, with my husband of one month.  But we didn't bargain on HIS experiences in Australia, and so 8 years after that, moved back to Portland.

Speaking of my husband, here he is, and yes, he is a devil, and yes, woman always are like this one... admiring him and in total awe... lucky me!  :)

Anyway, in all of that, I want to create this food blog to grab beautiful recipes of local food, either here in Portland or in Australia.  We will see what comes, both of this blog and my life!


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